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Cats and Shedding

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

Most cats are hairy. Yes, there are those cats who are hairless. Many people consider them ugly. So, if you decide to live with a cat, you will learn quickly that we shed a lot of hair. All the time. Especially during a season change. We have a light weight coat to keep us cool during the summer. And we can grow a thicker warmer coat to keep us warm during the winter.

I bet there are humans who wish their bodies could do the same…

So, because of the differences in the kinds of coats we can grow, we will shed hair all the time. Sometimes it’s not the weather causing us to grow a new coat. Sometimes it’s stress. Vets know this and never complain when they find lots of hair on the examination table after we’ve been there.

If you are human and can’t stand pet hair, why would you even consider living with one of us? We can’t help it. It’s so perfectly natural to us. We have to live with this everyday of our lives. And you want to complain?

Then clean it up. We can’t clean up our hair. Do you want us to have hairballs? No? Why would you? Then it will be more of a mess for you to clean up.

Okay, if you want to help reduce the clean up, you are welcome to get a decent brush and brush our beautiful coats. I have to say getting my coat brushed is wonderful. I’m just a short haired cat, but I can imagine for the longer haired cats, a brush could be a good thing too.


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