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Kitten in Other Languages

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

There’s only been one kitten in my life so far. I’ve seen quite a few of them in pictures and a whole litter once. But the only kitten I’ve known well was the one I bottle fed. He made me a mama and I don’t regret it. Of course if I play videos of kittens talking in front of Nuri, she tends to jerk her head and look around the room. I’m sure she had a litter of kittens before we had met four years ago.

So, here’s the cat vocabulary for the month. The word kitten in different languages. Source

Albanian: kotele
Basque: kitten
Belarusian: кацяня
Bosnian: mače
Bulgarian: коте
Catalan: gatet
Croatian mače
Czech: kotě
Danish: killing
Dutch: katje
Estonian: kassipoeg
Finnish: kissanpentu
French: chaton
Galician: gatinho
German: Kätzchen
Greek: γατάκι(gatáki)
Hungarian: cica
Icelandic: Kettlingur
Irish: kitten
Italian: gattino/gattina
Latvian: kaķēns
Lithuanian: kačiukas
Macedonian: маче
Maltese: kitten
Norwegian: kattunge
Polish: kotek
Portuguese: gatinho
Romanian: pisoi
Russian: котенок(kotenok)
Serbian: маче(mache)
Slovak: mača
Slovenian: mucek
Spanish: gatito
Swedish: kattunge
Ukrainian: кошеня(koshenya)
Welsh: gath fach
Yiddish: קעצל


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