Paw in Other Languages

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

This month’s cat vocabulary is the word paw. Cats usually have four to work with. They tend to fall and flip themselves over to land on all four. Or however they do it. Once I saw Sir Socks jump over me as I was lying on a twin sized bed to see him just before he landed in a half sitting half standing position that cats do. His fur was blown back by the wind.

He was always quite graceful whenever he jumped. It’s amazing to watch him in action.

Saying Paw in European Languages (source)

Language Ways to say paw
Albanian: dorëshkrim
Basque: paw
Belarusian: лапа
Bosnian: šapa
Bulgarian: лапа
Catalan: pota
Croatian: šapa
Czech: tlapka
Danish: pote
Dutch: poot
Estonian: käpp
Finnish: tassu
French: patte
Galician: pata
German: Pfote
Greek: πόδι ζώου(pódi zóou)
Hungarian: mancs
Icelandic: Paw
Irish : lapa
Italian: zampa
Latvian: ķepa
Lithuanian: letena
Macedonian: шепа
Maltese: paw
Norwegian: labb
Polish: łapa
Portuguese: pata
Romanian: labă
Russian: лапа(lapa)
Serbian: шапа(shapa)
Slovak: labka
Slovenian: tačk
Spanish: pata
Swedish: Tass
Ukrainian: лапа(lapa)
Welsh: paw
Yiddish: לאַפּע

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