graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

Smell is very important to us cats. We have an excellent sense of smell. We know each individual human and cat has a unique smell. Sure those of you who are related smell similarly, but you still have a unique smell. You humans may not be entirely aware of it. As I understand it, cats have a much better sense of smell than you humans do. We do appreciate humans who bathe regularly. Otherwise you will smell bad. It’s not pleasant. Please clean up for us.

We also appreciate a clean place to live in. If you’re a slob, your place will smell bad to us. If you’re good about cleaning up after yourself, and usually my girl is, then your place will smell better to us. Definitely keep up with your dirty laundry. That can smell bad too. Unless, like your shoes, your dirty clothes smell just like you. Our favorite human in the whole wide world.

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